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Last update :-  20 March 2020

Hello friends, I would like to tell you about some of our blog's policy and privacy.We will share information that we share on our website, and tell you what information you will get from it. If you do not follow these privacy policies then I have the full right to block you.

Information that I share 

 1. Online study from the internet can get full information from here If you want to ask something about it then ask me.

 2. From here you can get complete knowledge of English and computer

What can i do for you

1. Whatever information I share for you You can tell me about it by commenting on me. What is my experience and I will get this encouragement.

2. If you find wrong on our website, you can contact me to suggest them. I will complete my recovery.

3. You can help me what kind of information we should share on our website. Which we could do something better for our visitor.

How to use SSC WILL

1. Do not make any wrong comment in any way.

2. Comment on the kind of post we share.

3. If you have any complaint from my website then contact me direct message and I am not allowed to use any incorrect word in the statement.

Third Party Link

1. You can not share a link to any website without our permissions,Can also share if needed.


Cookies are a very small file ,Which sends the browser to the hard drive of our computer.
We can process cookies for the future of our website.

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