Tense Practice Set pdf | Exercise With Answer Sheet

The Tenses Practice Sets are very useful for different exams such as IBPS PO, Clerk, SSC CGL, SBI PO, NIACL Assistant, NICL AO, IBPS RRB, Railways, Civil Services etc.

Tense Practice Set | Exercise With Answer Sheet
Tense Practice Set | Exercise With Answer Sheet 

Exercise -1

1. The leopard entered (a)/the village when(2)/ the villagers slept(3)/ No Error(4)

2. Just around two decades ago, (1)/ few imagine that the robust data, (2)/ messaging, voice and video connections (3)/ could be established with such ease. (4) (IBPS PO, 19)

3. The candy man would come to my doorstep(1)/everyday and sing a melodious song(2)/ to attract my attention(3)/ No Error(4)

4. We worked on a hectic schedule(a)/ for seven years(2)/ and achieved tremendous results(3)/No Error(4)

5. We got everything ready (1)/for all of them long (2)/ before(3)/ they arrived (4). (SBI PO, 19)

6. IPL was(1)/ launched twelve (2)/years before(3)/No Error(4)

7. When IPL was launched twelve years(1)/ ago, Kapil dev had played(2)/ for India fifteen years ago(3)/ No Error(4)

8. Since the movie has been released, (1)/it has broken (2)/several records(3)/No Error(4)

9. Since the movie has been released(1)/, the producers can (2)/take a sigh of relief(3)/ No Error(4)

10. We shall leave for(1)/ the city when(2)/ the sun will rise (3)/No Error(4)

11. We shall leave for /the city if the sun /rises/ No Error(4)

12. The secretary slept(1)/ when the(2)/ telephone rang(3)/No Error(4)

13. You should take this(1)/ vaccination if you get(2)/ chicken pox(3)/No Error(4)

14. Though the manager was keen on getting the task (1)/ done through Ramesh yesterday, (2)/he tries to avoid it (3)/No error (4)

15. I returned home(a)/ when it (2)/rained heavily(3)/ No Error(4)

16. The statue broke into(1)/ pieces when he(2)/ had dropped it(3)/No Error (4)

17. The scientists have invented (1)/ cure to tuberculosis (2)/few years ago(3)/No Error

18. Based on the media reports,(1)/ we can conclude that (2)/ many accidents caused by reckless driving.(3)/No error.(4)

19. Gowri told me (1)/his name after (2)/he left. (3)/ No error.(4)

20. His tradition-bound attitude (1) had to be a constant source of dissatisfaction (2) among the younger members of the family . (3)/No error . (4)

21. Two hours have passed (1)/ since (2)/he had fallen asleep. (3)/No error (4).

22. I have (1)/ seen her only once (2)/ but I'm liking her a lot. (3)/No error (4).

23. I told him (1)/that we enjoyed very much (2)/at the party . (3)/No error(4).

24. He ate (1)/ nothing (2)/ since yesterday (3)/No error (4).

25. I now (1)/am knowing (2)/all the facts V E about him. (3)/No error (4).

26. I have passed (1)/ the examination (2)/ two years ago (3)/. No error (4).

27. Banks were developed to keep people's money safe (1)/ and to make it available (2)/ when they need it. (3)/No error (4)

28. He has read four plays (1)/written by Shakespear (2)/by the end of his vacation. (3)/No error(4)

29. In our life, We have never(1)/ had such a (2)/horrible experience(3)/ No Error (4)

30. He escaped the (1)/fire when people(2)/ helped him(3)/No Error (4)

31. By the time (1)/ we got our tickets and entered the cinema theater, (2)/ the show was already begun (3)/No error. (4)

32. The sea looks (1)/ as if it has been (3)/ agitated by a storm. (3)/No error (4)

33. Ramesh smiled when he was remembering (1)/his hard early years (2)/ and his ling road to success (3)/ No error(4)

34. It is time you (1)/ decide on your next (2)/ course of action. (3)/No error (4)

35. The teacher (1)/has took (2)/ the responsibility. (3)/ No error (4)

36. Did he tell you (1)/ why he hasn't (2)/ come yesterday ? (3)/No error (4)

37. We have discussing (1)/ all the known mechanisms (2)/ of physical growth , (3)/ No error (4)

38. The vaccine (1)/ when hit the Indian market (2)/ is dogged by controversy. (3)/ No error (4)

39. When I went there (1)/Charles is playing (2)/ a game of chess . (3)/ No error (4)

40. I can swim very fast when I was only five (Tense) (SSC CGL, 19)
1) Very fast
2) I can swim
3) When I was
4) Only five

41. When I reached the cinema hall the movie had already began. (SSC CGL, 19)
1) The movie had
2) When I reached
3) Already began
4) The cinema hall

42. Lucy has already cut the cake when we reached the party hall (SSC CGL, 19)
1) The party hall
2) Lucy has already
3) Cut the cake
4) When we reached

43. I wish if I was the principal of my school (SSC CGL, 19)
1) If I had been van
2) If I were
3) No improvement
4) That I am

44. If they will get married, they will probably settle in Mumbai (SSC CGL, 19)
1) If they get married
2) No improvement
3) If they had got married
4) If they will be getting married

45. If he doesn't score forty percent in all the subjects, he would not be promoted to the next class
(SSC CGL, 19)
1) No improvement
2) Was not being
3) Is not being
4) Will not be

46. Mother was watching a movie when the lights were going off (SSC CGL, 19)
1) Went off
2) Have gone off
3) Going off
4) No improvement

47. I was sitting at home doing nothing when I had heard that song again (SSC CGL, 19)
1) Hears
2) Heard
3) No improvement
4) Has heard

48. One evening when father was coming home from work, I played in the front garden (SSC CGL, 19)
1) Am playing
2) Play
3) Was playing
4) No improvement

49. Long after those five horses finish drinking water from the trough, an old horse appeared over the brow of the hill (SSC CGL, 19)
1) Have finished
2) Had been finishing
3) Had finished
4) No improvement

50. You must go the book fair if you are liking it or not (SSC CGL, 19)
1) Whether you have liked
2) Whether you like it
3) Although you are liking it
4) If you like it

Exercise -1 Answers

1. Use“ when the villagers were sleeping"
2. Use “few imagined
3. Use “every day instead of everyday
4. No Error
5. Use “they had arrived
6. Use “ago"
7. Use "fifteen years before"
8. Use “Since the movie was released
9. No Error
10. Use "when the sun rises"
11. Use “when in place of if "
12. Use “ the secretary was sleeping
13. Use incase in place of if
14. Use “ he tried to avoid it
15. Use “when it was raining
16. Use "when he dropped it
17. Use "the scientists invented
18. Use “many accidents are caused
19. Use "after he had left
20. Use "His tradition bound attitude was
21. Use "since he fell asleep"
22. Use “but I like her a lot
23. Use "I told him that he we had enjoyed
24. Use "he has eaten
25. Use “know all the facts
26. Use “ I passed the examination
27. Use "when they needed it"
28. Use "he will have read"
29. Use "such a horrible experience before"
30. No Error
31. Use “the show had already begun
32. Use “it had been
33. Use “when he remembered
34. Use "you decided
35. Use “The teacher has taken
36. Use "why he didn't come
37. Use "we have discussed
38. Use “was dogged"
39. Use “Charles was playing
40. Use “I could swim"
41. Use "Already begun"
42. Use "Lucy had already"
43. Use "If I were"
44. Use "If they get married"
45. Use "Will not be"
46. Use "Went off"
47. Use "Heard"
48. Use "Was playing"
49. Use "Had finished"
50. Use "If you like it"

Exercise -2

1. They were having (1)/ a birthday party at home (2)/ next week. (3)/No error (4)

2. The inaugural function (1)/ is temporarily interrupted (2)/ as the lights suddenly went out. (3)/No error (4)

3. The first task is provided (1)/ sufficient arable land (2)/ to the dispossessed farmers. (3)/No error(4)

4. Madhuri Dixit is having (1)/ a large (2)/ fan following. (3)/No error (4)

5. When Anand reached the village (1)/he found that (2)/reports about him preceded him. (3)/No error (4)

6. By noon (1)/ the fog cleared (2)/ completely. (3)/ No error (4)

7. Ahmed has been watching (1)/ the Oscar nominated film (2)/ three times. (3)/ No error (4)

8. Very soon (1)/I realized (2)/ that he is at fault. (3)/No error (4)

9. Had you (1)/ worked hard (2)/ you will have passed. (3) / No error (4)

10. Every man in this world (1)/ wishes to live long (2)/but nobody wanted to grow old.(3)/No error (4)

11. This custom (1)/ has come down (2)/ since times immemorial. (3)/ No error (4)

12. This letter will reach him (1)/ before he left (2)/ for Delhi. (3) No error (4)

13. It is time (1)/ we should have done (2)/ something useful. (3)/ No error (4)

14. He will tell you (1)/ about it when (2)/ he will come back. (3)/No error (4)

15. He served as the President (1)/ of the Lions Club (2)/ since fifteen years. (3)/ No error (4)

16. When at last (1) we got to the theater, (2)/ the much publicized programme by the Bollywood stars was begun. (3)/No error(4)

17. He is (1)/having many (2)/ friends here.(3)/No error (4)

18. Ask her to call me (1)/ when she (2)/ will come back. (3)/No error (4)

19. I declined the invitation (1)/ not because I did not want to go, (2)/ but because I have no time. (3)/No error (4)

20. Nalini says (1)/ she is living in Chennai (2)/ since 1991. (3)/No error (4)

21. We shall (1)/ go out (2)/if it does not rains. (3) No error (4)

22. It is high time (1)/ that we leave (2)/ this place. (3)/No error (4)

23. I (1)/ am having (2)/ three children. (3)/ No error (4)

24. I (1)/ have been studying (2)/ since four hours. (3)/No error (4)

25. if he had walked (1)/ fast enough (2)/he will get the bus. (3)/No error (4)

26. He told his friend (1)/ that he could not do that work (2)/ because it is not to his taste. (3)/No error(4)

27. It is said (1)/ that this room is not being opened (2)/ for the last fifty years. (3)/ No error (4)

28. He said (1)/ that he will meet me (2)/ at the restaurant. (3)/No error (4)

29. I have (1)/ known him (2)/ since two years. (3)/No error (4)

30. Krupa and Kavya studied (1)/ in Delhi Public School (2)/ and so does Kamya. (3)/ No error (4)

31. The social activist (1)/ was murder (2)/ in cold blood. (3)/No error (4)

32. The train will not start (1)/until the guard (2)/ will blow the whistle. (3)/No error (4)

33. We shall wait (1)/ till you (2)/ will finish your lunch. (3)/No error (4)

34. He asked me (1)/ what I am doing (2)/ out in the street at that hour (3)/No error (4)

35. Unless aid arrives (1)/ within the next few weeks (2)/ thousands are starving. (3)/No error (4)

36. I have been (1)/ working in this organization (2)/ since three years. (3)/ No error (4)

37. I have come (1)/ as soon as (2)/ the customers leave your shop. (3)/ No error (4)

38. During the last few years (1)/ the company works hard (2)/ to modernise its image. (3)/No error (4)

39. Greatly to our surprise (1)/ we find the ringleader (2)/ was lame. (3)/No error (4)

40. The US (1)/ don't want (2)/ India in the Security Council. (3)/No error (4)

41. I whistled thrice (1)/ with full might and raise my arms (2)/ towards the sky. (3) No error (4)

42. I called (1)/ at his house yesterday (2)/ and have given him money. (3)/ No error (4)

43. You are a very lovable person (1)/ but I (2)/ am not loving you. (3)/No error (40)

44. The new dish (1)/ that I ordered (2)/ is tasting good. (3)/No error (4)

45. I have got your letter yesterday (1)/ and felt happy to learn (2)/ or your recovery. (3)/No error (4)

46. We have been knowing (1)/ each other (2) since we were children. (3)/ No error (4)

47. It had laid (1)/ in the closet (2) for a week before we found it. (3)/No error (4)

48. When I fail (1)/ to solve the problem myself (2)/I unhesitatingly called for his help.(3)/No error (4)

49. Another baffling change (1)/ that I noticed in him now-a-days (2)/ is that he avoids speaking to me.(3)/No error (4)

50. I had asked him (1)/ how he could go out (2)/ if it started raining. (3)/No error (4)

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Exercise -2 Answers 

1. Use "They will have"
2. Use "as the lights have suddenly gone off"
3. Use “The first task has provided
4. Use "Madhuri Dixit has a"
5. Use "when Anand reached the village
6. Use “had cleared or will have cleared
7. Use “Ahmed has watched
8. Use "he was at
9. Use "you would have
10. Use "but nobody wants to"
11. Use "for times immemorial
12. Use "before he leaves"
13. Use “we did something
14. Use "when he comes back"
15. Use “for fifteen years
16. Use “has begun
17. Use "he has many
18. Use "when she comes
19. Use "I had no time"
20. Use "she has been living"
21. Use “if it does not rain"
22. Use “we left
23. Use "I have
24. Use "for four hours."
25. Use "he would have"
26. Use "it was not to his taste"
27. Use “has not been opened"
28. Use "he would meet me
29. Use “for two years"
30. Use “so did Kamya
31. Use "was murdered"
32. Use “guard blows the whistle
33. Use “till you finish your lunch
34. Use “what I was doing
35. Use "thousands will starve
36. Use "for three years'
37. Use "I will come"
38. Use "the company had worked"
39. Do not use "was"
40. Use "does not"
41. Use “and raised
42. Use "gave him money
43. Use “I do not love you
44. Use "tastes good"
45. Use "I got your letter yesterday"
46. Use "we have known"
47. No Error
48. Use “call for his help”
49. Use "notice in him"
50. Use “I asked him

Exercise - 3 

1. Unless he apologizes (1)/ he should not be (2)/ allowed to stay with us. (3)/ No error (4)

2. Although we reached his house in time (1)/he was left (2)/ for the airport. (3)/No error (4)

3. I have seen (1)/ that film last year (2)/ but I do not remember its story. (3)/ No error

4. I did not receive (1)/ any letter from my parents (2)/ for the last two months. (3)/ No error (4)

5. They can promise you (1)/ an experience (2)/ you won't never forget. (3)/ No error (4)

6. She was ill for five days (1)/ when the doctor (2)/ was sent for. (3)/No error (4)

7. It is high time (1)/ we renovate (2)/our old house. (3)/ No error (4)

8. Due to inflation (1)/ the cost of living (2)/ escalated in the last one year. (3)/No error (4)

9. You need not tell a lie (1)/ when the judge asked you where you were (2)/ when the crime was committed. (3)/No error (4)

10. We really wanted to go to(1)/ the park but we were told(2)/not to go out if it rain(3)/No Error

11. If man makes proper use of his time and (1)/opportunities and follow his aim in life with patience and(2)/ perseverance. He is sure to succeed(3) No Error(4)/

12. It is now (1)/ five years since (2)/ I visit the Delhi. (3)/ No error (4)

13. I have visited Mumbai two years ago (1)/  and I am planning to visit again (2)/ in the near future. (3)/ No error (4)

14. The poor man saves the money (1) but then he began to worry (2)/ that thieves might take it away. (3)/ No error (4)

15. The museum's revolving doors (1)/ stopped the crooks (2)/ as they jam half way round. (3)/ No error (4)

16. By May next year I have (1)/been working in this(2)/ college for twenty years.(3)/No Error (4)

18. A bird in the (1)/tree is worth two(2)/ in the bush(3)/No Error(4).

19. We have finished our work three hours ago(1)/ and have been waiting for(2)/ you since then.(3)/ No Error(4).

20. Orwell is one of those authors(1)/ who do his best to (2)/irritate the reader(3)/No Error(4)

21. The full moon appearing in the(1)/ skyand its silvery(2)/ light spread across.(3)/ No Error (4)

22. It began to rain as soon(1)/ as we stepped out(2)/ of the house(3) No Error(4)

23. She stopped singing as soon(1)/ as the telephone rings(2)/ from across the hall(3)/No Error(4)

24. The old curtains were torn and (1)/they flapped in (2)/the light breeze.(3)/No Error(4)

25. An idea was worth (1)/nothing if it has(2)/ no champion(3)/No Error (4)

26. I have been waiting (1)/for you since(2)/ two hours(3)/No Error(4)

27. I was convinced that the only thing(1)/I wanted to do ever, (2)/ is to write novels(3)/ No Error(4)

28. I meant to repair the(1)/radio but hadn't time(2)/ to do it today(3)/No Error (4)

29. I am not familiar with (1)/ all the important places in this town (2)/ although I had been living here for two years. (3)/ No error (4)

30. They came here in (1)/ the evening and  begin making (2)/ further arrangements. (3)/No error (4)

31. She has been (1)/ complaining about headache (2)/ from morning. (3)/ No error (4)

32. Everyday we hear about (1)/ senior citizens being robbed (2)/ and even kill in cold blood. (3)/No error (4)

33. He said that it was the first time (1)/ that such a trick (2)/ is discovered. (3)/No Error(4).

34. I was shocked (1)/ to see how much my grandmother had aged (2)/ since the last time we visited her. (3)/No error (4)

35. He assured me that he (1)/will return in (2)/an hour(3)/No Error (4)

36. Three years have elapsed (1)/since I had gone to visit (2)/my aunt in the city(3)/No Error(d)

37. I reached two (1)/hours before(2)/ he had came(3)/No Error(4)

38. He went to the doctor because(a)/ he had not been feeling (2)/well since several weeks(3)/No Error(4).

39. It is not (1)/ such a pretty place (2)/ that I had expected. (3)/ No error (4)

40. I shake his hand when (1)/he arrived and (2)/ when the left. (3)/ No error (4)

41. A recent survey indicates (1)/ that the number of drug addicts (2)/ grew day by day. (3)/ No error (4)

42. Good heavens! (1)/ How was she (2)/ grown! (3)/No error (4)

43. Although I have never seen the girl (1)/I recognized her at once (2)/ from her photograph. (3)/ No error (4)

44. Now that I am back at work, (1)/ I have beginning (2)/ to feel much better. (3)/ No error (4)

45. The artist , plainly a better critic (1)/ than painter, destroyed what (2)/ he made over for ten years.(3)/ No error (4)


47. The manager is having his problems (1)/ but we have (2)! ours as well. (3)/ No error (4)

48. I was surprised (1)/ when the hostess smiled (2)/ as if she saw me before. (3)/ No error (4)

49. As they climb (1)/ higher, the air (2)/became cooler. (3)/ No error (4)

50. The officer has (1)/ given orders to his (2)/ soldiers yesterday. (3)/ No error (4)

Exercise 3 Answers

1. Use "shall
2. Use "he had left
3. Use "I saw
4. Use "I have not received"
5. Use “you wont forget
6. Use "she had been ill"
7. Use“ we renovated
8. Use “has escalated
9. Use "need not have told"
10. Use “if it rains
11. Use "and follows his aims
12. Use” since I visited Delhi”
13. Use“ I visited
14. Use “then he begins to
15. Use “ as they jammed
16. Use “I will have been working
17. No Error
18. No Error 
19. Use "we finished
20. Use "who did his best
21. Use “moon appears'
22. No Error 
23. Use "as the telephone rang
24. No Error 
25. Use "an idea is
26. Use “for two hours"
27. Use “was to write novels"
28. Use "did not get the time"
29. Use “I have been living"
30. Use "began”
31. Use “since"
32. Use “killed"
33. Use "was discovered
34. No Error
35. Use "he would"
36. Use “since I went
37. Use “had come
38. Use “for several weeks
39. Use "that I have expected"
40. Use “I shook his hand
41. Use "are growing day by day"
42. Use “How has she grown”.
43. Use "before" after”girl
44. Use “ I am beginning to"
45. Use "what he had made"
46. Use “I had reached
47. Use“ the manager has"
48. Use "as if she has seen
49. Use “climbed
50. Use“ The officer gave

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